Fun, fresh and innovative toys to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Fun, fresh and innovative toys to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. 


Patent Pending
TPR Spiker Inside


Made With
100% Natural Latex




For Dogs That
Love To Destroy


Funny Moments

Treatball - Treat Dispensing Toy

Our specially designed slow-release mechanism prevents treats from falling out too fast or predictably, keeping your dog engaged and entertained. Made of soft yet durable TPR rubber material, this toy also helps massage gums and clean teeth when chewed.

Unicorn Collection

Our beautiful and trendy Unicorn toys are made with carefully thought out accents and details. They are available in plush, latex, and 2-in-1 spiker toys to suit any play style.

Llama Collection

Fulfilling the latest trend, our Llama toys are made in a variety of fabrics including the classic long pile plush to mimic their full coats. Available in plush, latex, and 2-in-1 spiker toys for every dog to enjoy.

Sweets Collection

These delicious-looking toys are made of natural, non-toxic latex. Each texture is carefully replicated to look incredibly realistic. These toys are also gently stuffed to make for a better chewing experience. Shop our desserts, donuts, and candy chews.

Under The Sea Collection

With Mermaids, Swans, and Seahorses, these magical new characters feature multiple chewing sensations in toy styles exclusive to fouFIT™, such as our 2-in-1 spiker toys and knotted plush.

Cooling Collection

The ultimate summer accessories to keep your dog cool in hot weather. These innovative cooling collars, bandanas, and Freeze n’ Float toys will make outdoor play safer and more comfortable.

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